Reactor Usage

Pictured: Experimenter Using the Thermal Column

Research Uses

The MSTR supports a number of research applications for both on-campus faculty and students as well as external organizations.

MSTR hosts a variety of different experimental facilities for use by both academic (faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students) and external organizations. These include:

  • Neutron Beam Port
  • Thermal Column
  • Pneumatic Transfer System
  • Subcritical Pile
  • Sample Rotor Assembly
  • Irradiation/Isotope Production Fuel Assemblies

Laboratory Class Usage

Many of the nuclear engineering courses use our facilities to improve the level of education and provide hands-on experience to the students. Four courses are especially focused on experiments and laboratory activities in the reactor:

  • NE 1105 - Nuclear Technology Applications
  • NE 4312 - Radiation Measurements
  • NE 4428 - Reactor Laboratory I
  • NE 4438 - Reactor Laboratory II