Reactor Sharing Program at Missouri S&T Reactor

Missouri S&TR has been participating in the Department of Energy Reactor Sharing Program since 1986. We offer a variety of laboratory short courses and projects, which you can learn more about by touring the Missouri S&T Nuclear Reactor Facility.

 Projects and labs offered as part of the Reactor Sharing Program generally last one to two hours. Preferred class sizes range from 5 to 20 persons, however, larger groups have been accommodated by working in conjunction with the Missouri S&T American Nuclear Society (ANS) student members and other departments. Larger groups can be split into smaller groups with one group working at the reactor while the other group tours facilities elswhere on campus. We have found that students in large groups don't get nearly as much out of the sessions as smaller groups.

Apart from our lab sessions, we also offer individual research project opportunities for students and faculty. We can accommodate researcher's ideas or have projects of our own in which a student may participate. Many students have done well in area science fairs with science projects performed at the Missouri S&TR.

If you are interested in participating please contact Missouri S&TR at (573) 341-4236.